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A dog’s primary purpose in life, besides eating and sleeping of course, is to make their owner happy. They enjoy lavishing you with their love and affection, and they can provide you with a lot of entertainment too. One of the best ways to interact with your dog is to teach them to do new tricks.

Dogs are highly intelligent and can be easily trained to do a surprising number of things. For the safety of their dogs, residents of apartments in Denver, Colorado should at least teach their pets to heel, sit and stay so they can be controlled in a communal setting.

But just for fun and to give your dog needed mental stimulation, consider teaching them some more advanced tricks.

The High Five. Holding a doggie treat just out of reach, say ‘high five’ while tapping on one of their paws. They’ll usually respond by reaching out toward the treat with that paw. When they do, catch it in your hand while rewarding them with the treat and praising them. Keep repeating this until your dog raises their paw automatically when they hear your command. They’ll learn to do this without the treat, but you should always give them the praise.
The Dance. This is an easy one, especially for smaller dogs. Hold a dog treat above their heads at a height that requires that they stand up on their hind legs to reach it. When they’ve learned to balance well, move the treat in a circle around their head and they’ll learn to spin around.
The Fetch. Many dogs do this naturally, but using treats, you can ensure they always bring the ball back to you rather than playing chase with it or dropping it. You can also teach them to fetch out of water, and even to pick up their toys and put them away. A dog can learn almost anything for a treat.
There are many more tricks dogs can learn. It’s good exercise for them, and it teaches coordination. Experiment on your own, and you’ll both have hours of fun.

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