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Autumn Items

5 Self-Care Ideas for Fall

Autumn ItemsWith all of the activities of modern life, it’s important to take some time out to recharge and take care of yourself. This is especially important during the fall and early winter when holidays approach that will need plenty of your attention and energy. By recharging on a regular basis, you’ll be able to tackle these challenges with aplomb.

To help you take care of yourself with ease, we offer these 5 ideas. They’re quick, easy, and will surely lift some of the weight of the day.

Add Fall Decor to Significant Spaces

Many people decorate their space for fall, but we’re not suggesting the usual. Instead of setting up all of your decorations for guests to see, set some up for yourself. Add some colorful leaves or gourds to personal spaces like your desk, bathroom counters, and similar locations.

Use Fall Candles

Fall candles sometimes come with seasonal decorations like leaves, but they’re also available with fall scents like pumpkin. Often, but not always, the two are combined. In any case, they’re an easy way to bring the essence of the season indoors.

Grab Some Seasonal Coffee

This often translates out to “pumpkin spice,” but some producers are a bit more creative and have coffee that’s spiced more like mulled cider or other seasonal drinks. You’ll love having a new flavor along with your morning caffeine!

Do a Seasonal Outdoor Activity

Outdoor activities are always good for the mood, and it’s easy to find seasonal ones at this time of year. Go pick your own pumpkin, wander through a corn maze, or pick your own apples. Visit a cider mill for a tasty treat you can enjoy almost on the spot.

Make Sure You See the Leaves Change Color

The big city may be fun, but be sure to take a drive into the countryside so that you can see the leaves in their full fall beauty. Bring your camera and make sure you have plenty of battery power and memory to go with it.

For a great base for your fall activities, just stop by our office. We’ll be glad to show you our available apartments in Denver and give you a tour of our community amenities.

Dog Getting a Bath

Tips for Choosing the Right Shampoo for Your Pet

Dog Getting a BathAnyone who is lucky enough to share their Denver apartments with a furry friend may wonder what the best shampoo might be. Every pet has unique needs, so it’s important to choose a pet shampoo that works for your own furry pal. Whether your pet looks forward to bath time or you have to bribe them with treats to get in the tub, there’s a pet shampoo that will work for your situation.

Choosing the Right Pet Shampoo at Your Apartments in Denver

At your apartments in Denver, you’re near a great selection of pet stores where you can buy nearly any type of pet shampoo. Here are some of the different options to consider.

  • Sensitive skin shampoos: If your pet tends to get itchy or gets inflamed skin after a bath, you may want to choose a special sensitive skin formula. Some soothing ingredients to watch for include vitamin E, aloe vera, and oatmeal. If your pet has extremely sensitive skin, your vet may prescribe a special shampoo containing ingredients like cortisone.
  • Flea shampoos: It’s important to have your pet on regular flea prevention, but having a bit of extra protection never hurts. Consider a shampoo formula that works together with your regular flea prevention, keeping those troublesome little pests far away from your pet and your home.
  • Deodorizing shampoos: Deodorizing shampoos may be a great choice for pets who have long hair (which tends to retain odor more easily) or who love to wallow in every smelly thing they can find. A deodorizing shampoo eliminates odor at the source, giving your pet truly clean and fresh skin.
  • Waterless shampoos: If quick and easy is the goal, waterless shampoos might help. These shampoos are simply pre-moistened wipes that can remove dirt, smells, and debris from your pet. Your pet’s paws, ears, and face can also be cleaned easily and quickly using waterless shampoo wipes.

Looking for a Denver Apartment Home for You and Your Pet?

Are you looking for a beautiful Denver apartment that welcomes both you and your pet? The Apartments at Denver Place is both ideally located and pet-friendly. Contact us to learn more today!

Sweet Potatoes

4 Delicious Thanksgiving Side Dishes to Make

Sweet PotatoesAs you enjoy the crisp fall weather, you’re probably planning for Thanksgiving in our apartments in Denver. Side dishes are just as important as the main dish, so here are four that you’ll love.

Delicious Sides to Make in Your Denver Apartments This Year

Try these four sides at our Denver apartments — all are delicious and easy.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Boil six sweet potatoes until tender, then transfer to a large bowl. Mash them up thoroughly and add 1/2 cup of butter, two minced garlic cloves, one teaspoon of thyme, and 1/2 teaspoon of basil. Add salt to taste and you’re done!

Green Bean Casserole

Combine two cans (14.5 ounces each) of French Style green beans (drained) with one 18-ounce can of creamy mushroom soup. Divide a 6-ounce can of French’s Fried Onions, reserving half and adding the other half to the green bean and soup mixture. Bake at 350°F for 20-25 minutes, and then sprinkle remaining French’s Fried Onions on top. Bake for an additional 5 minutes.

Glazed Squash

Wrap aluminum foil on two baking sheets, then brush lightly with vegetable oil. Cut three acorn squashes into crescents, eliminating seeds. Place the crescents on the baking sheets, then season with a dash of sea salt and pepper. Add 1/4 cup of brown sugar, sprinkled evenly. Roast in oven at 400°F for about five minutes. Remove baking sheets, and then flip the squash pieces over using tongs. Add salt, pepper, and 1/4 cup of brown sugar to this side as well. Put back in oven until the squash is tender, about 20 minutes.

Cranberry Sauce

Impress your guests with delicious homemade cranberry sauce. Combine one 12-ounce bag of frozen cranberries, a teaspoon of lemon zest, 3/4 cup of sugar, and one cup of water in a medium-size saucepan, then bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer, then allow to cook until cranberries are soft. Allow to cool before serving.

The Apartments at Denver Place offers stunning apartment homes with amenities like clean-steel appliances, granite countertops, and hardwood floors. If you’re looking for elegance, these apartment homes are just what you’re looking for. Contact us to find out more!

The Apartments at Denver Place Hardwood Floors

Helpful Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

The Apartments at Denver Place Hardwood FloorsIf you are a resident of our Denver apartments, you may know firsthand how beautiful our floor plans are. Select floor plans at our community have hardwood floors. If your apartment home has hardwood floors, keep them looking as brand new as the day you moved in with these cleaning tips.

1. Never Use Harsh Detergents on Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are coated with varnish and a sealant. The sealant, in particular, protects the beautiful wood underneath. However, sealants and varnishes are not impermeable to harsh detergents like ammonia and bleach. These ingredients are liable to discolor and eat away at the sealant, and possibly even pit the wood itself.

2. Use a Dry Mop Frequently

One of the easiest ways to keep your hardwood floors looking clean is to use a dry mop frequently. Dry mops are available at department and hardware stores at a very affordable price. They don’t use electricity, and yet they can keep your hardwood floors dust and debris free.

3. Wipe Up Spills Immediately

Even though your hardwood floors do have a coating of sealant, it’s best to wipe up spills immediately. Simply use an absorbent clean cloth to wipe up the spill. If there is residue left behind, moisten the cloth lightly with warm water, clean and then dry with a second cloth.

4. Invest in a Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Bona makes a convenient hardwood floor cleaning mop that comes with an attached spray bottle filled with hardwood floor cleaning solution. For those times that a deep cleaning is needed, this is your best option. The cleaning solution bottle is refillable, and the pads are washing machine friendly, so long as you don’t use fabric softener in the wash.

5. Skip the Hardwood Floor Setting on Your Vacuum Cleaner

Many upright vacuum cleaners offer a setting for hardwood floors. This setting immobilizes the beater brushes in the vacuum. Unfortunately, the hard wheels on your vacuum cleaner will eventually cause unneeded wear and tear on your hardwood floors. This setting is fine for tile or linoleum, but not for fine hardwood flooring.

To see for yourself how beautiful our select floor plans with hardwood flooring look, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Oysters on a Platter

Top-Rated Seafood Restaurants in Denver

Oysters on a PlatterDenver may be far from the ocean but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find great seafood in the city. Following is an overview of some of the top-rated seafood restaurants in Denver for those who enjoy fish, sushi, crab, lobster, octopus and other seafood delicacies.

Jax Fish House

Jax Fish House is the first restaurant in the state to be certified as Sustainable by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. All seafood is flown in fresh and the restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood dishes as well as great alcoholic beverages. It can be a bit expensive but happy hour prices are quite reasonable.

Ocean Prime Denver

Ocean Prime Denver is an upscale seafood restaurant that also serves a variety of non-seafood dishes. It gets high marks for offering great food and drinks as well as friendly service to all its customers. Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are available and special requests are graciously accommodated. The ambiance is great for a quiet meal alone, a romantic date or a fun get-together with friends.

The Asian Cajun

The Asian Cajun is a unique seafood restaurant that offers various Cajun and Asian seafood dishes. It is a fairly informal spot that is great for those who want an inexpensive meal or a quick bite to eat in a relaxed setting. The restaurant has earned praise for its tasty dishes, wide variety of sauces and fast and friendly service.

Izakaya Den

Izakaya Den is the spot of choice if you are looking for great Japanese seafood. All the seafood is fresh and dishes are authentic. Specific items that have earned praise from previous customers include the sushi, salmon belly and live scallop.

The Apartments at Denver Place not only offers easy access to these and other eateries but also great community amenities to enable you to work efficiently and enjoy life to the fullest. Residents in our Denver apartments have access to resident events, on-site professional management and maintenance, concierge service and more. Our one- and two-bedroom floor plans are available at various price points and we provide move-in assistance with our Waterton Digital Concierge. Get in touch with us to find out if our apartment community is the right fit for you.

Old-Fashioned Cocktail

3 Autumn Cocktail Recipes You’ll Fall in Love With

Old-Fashioned CocktailIf you’re like most people, you like your summer beverages light, airy, and fruity, such as strawberry daiquiris, glasses of pinot gris with soft floral bouquets, gin and tonics, and simple cocktails crafted with freshly squeezed juice. Now that autumn has arrived, however, you may be feeling the urge for more complex flavors and slightly more substantial textures. Fortunately, there are many fall-themed cocktails for the enjoyment of residents of our apartments in Denver. Following are three of the best.

Hard Apple Cider Sangria

Few things are more quintessentially autumn than hard apple cider. To make hard apple cider sangria for four, mix one cup of apple juice with two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Stir in one-fourth of a cup of apple flavored brandy and a 22-ounce bottle of chilled hard apple cider. Add a cup of quartered and sliced apples of your choice along with a cup of orange slices. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Apple Brandy Hot Toddy

Apple cider sangria may be the perfect sipping choice for a warm, golden autumn afternoon, but nothing hits the spot when nights turn chilly than a hot toddy by the fire. This one is simple — just add a shot or two of apple brandy to a cup of hot water along with a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon over the top. If you really want to amp up the apple flavor, mix some hot apple juice or cider in with the hot water. You should only go about half-and-half, though, because otherwise, the taste may be too cloying.

Maple Bourbon Old-Fashioned

Maple is another classic autumn flavor, and it’s not just for pancakes. A well-prepared Maple Bourbon Old-Fashioned provides an ideal way to relax at the end of a chaotic day, and best of all, it’s easy to prepare. Just combine water, bitters, and maple syrup in a glass and stir it until it’s completely blended. Add a big pinch of orange peel, ice, pour the bourbon over the top, and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Please don’t be shy about contacting our office at your convenience for more information on our available floor plans in the beautiful city of Denver.

Shrimp Pasta

Top-Rated Italian Restaurants in Denver

Shrimp PastaThe Mile High City has earned a reputation for terrific arts, culture, sports and an outstanding restaurant scene. While the cuisine choices are vast, here are some top-rated Italian eateries in the greater Denver area for our residents at The Apartments at Denver Place to experience.


This Highlands favorite eatery crafts seasonally-changing menus. Owned and operated by husband and wife, Elliot Strathmann and Chef Cindhura Reddy, the duo leans more toward old-world Italian service and local ingredients than traditional dishes. The food might be best called “Italian-inspired,” but it packs a serious wow factor. Customers tend to rave about Spuntino’s Colorado goat dishes. It’s a can’t miss experience located at 2639 W. 32nd Ave.

Bar Dough

Another Highlands mainstay, Bar Dough features Denver’s signature Chef Max MacKissock. The former Squeaky Bean chef did stints in Italy and New York before setting into the Mile High City. The eatery has earned a stellar reputation for freshly created pasta and wood-fired pizzas. The restaurant also houses a lovely Italian wine list and offers fun Italian sodas for kids. Located at 2227 W. 32nd Ave., Bar Dough is a palate-quenching experience.

Osteria Marco

This Downtown restaurant walks a straight line by focusing on simple Italian dishes. Osteria Marco avoids trying to be overly complicated but invests its time wisely by curing hand-crafted meats and artisanal cheeses in-house. Chef Frank Bonanno explores the “dry Italian” tradition of dishes without the commonly expected sauce pairings. The dining experience trends toward unique and the wine list won’t break the bank. Located at 1453 Larimer St., Osteria Marco makes simple exciting.

Barolo Grill

Touting complimentary valet parking, the Barolo Grill emphasizes Northern Italian dishes, traditionally from the Piedmont and Tuscany regions. The simple, elegant restaurant works closely with area farms and utilizes locally produced ingredients. The staff also places a high value on an impressive wine selection. Located at 3030 E. 6th Ave., Barolo Grill is an attractive choice for special occasions.

We hope The Apartments at Denver Place community members enjoy these top-rated Italian restaurants. If you or a friend would like more information about our Denver apartments, call us today.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

How to Care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig TreeThe fiddle leaf fig tree has dark green, large violin-shaped leaves. Its lush foliage contrasts nicely with neutral surroundings, providing a dramatic addition to our Denver apartments. It’s a tough plant that acclimates well to its environment, even cooler Denver, Colorado climates. Some plant owners have difficulties keeping theirs alive, so use these tips to keep yours healthy and green.

Light Needs

Healthy fiddle leaf fig trees prefer moderately bright, consistent light, especially near, but not in front of, a sunny window. Turn your plant as it starts to lean towards the sunlight to keep it growing straight.

Water Needs

Always allow your tree to dry out between each watering and only water when the top of the soil is dry to the touch. Water needs may fluctuate based on humidity. Too much or too little water can cause leaves to brown and fall off.

Soil and Repotting Needs

Plant your tree in a floor-standing container with well-drained, peaty soil. Repot your plant annually to prevent roots from crowding and covering the drainage holes, which causes circulation problems that could lead to root rot. Once it’s transferred to the largest, manageable container, trim the root-ball by no more than 20 percent when roots start growing out of the pot’s bottom, and scrape off and replace the top few inches of soil with new soil each year.

Food Requirements

Fertilize with water-soluble plant food about once a month during the spring and summer. You can use diluted fertilizer during the fall, but skip fertilizing altogether in the winter months.

Be Cautious of Pest Problems

Fig trees are vulnerable to numerous pests, including whiteflies, aphids, mites, mealybugs and scale. Yellowed leaves that drop off are a sign of infestation. Identify problems early and treat with the least toxic option.

Keep it Clean

Dusty leaves hinder sunlight absorption and make trees less attractive. Use a soft cotton cloth to gently wipe dust away.

The Apartments at Denver Place located in downtown Denver, Colorado has some of the most spacious apartments in the city. Our apartments are pet-friendly, so a word of caution about the fiddle leaf fig tree, it can be toxic to dogs and cats if ingested. Call us at (866) 995-0446 to tour our available floor plans today!

Cat Looking Up

5 Steps for Preparing Your Apartment for a New Cat

Cat Looking UpBringing home a new cat can be exciting, but it can also be a big responsibility. Whether you’ve owned cats in the past or are getting a cat for the first time, proper preparation is important. These tips will help you get your apartment ready for the arrival of a new four-legged friend.

Buy Supplies

Cats need a variety of supplies. Before your pet comes to live with you, make sure your apartment is stocked with the necessary supplies, such as:

  • Bed
  • Food bowl
  • Collar
  • Carrying crate
  • Cat food
  • Litter box and litter
  • Cat toys

Cat Proof

Cat proofing involves putting all toxic chemicals (like cleaning products) and poisonous house plants (like lilies) out of your cat’s reach. Cats also like to play with electrical cords, so keep yours hidden in an inaccessible place to prevent your cat from getting hurt.

Pick a Space for Your Cat

Cats can be solitary creatures, so your new cat will need a place of his or her own for sleeping and spending time. Pick an out of the way room for your cat’s bed and toys. If you have a guest room or an extra room, this is a good place to put your cat. If you have a one-bedroom apartment, put your cat’s bed in an out-of-the-way corner of your apartment.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

Cats, especially kittens, can get very playful with certain household items. Clothes, blankets, hair ties, feathers, strings and other items are a favorite plaything of cats. Leaving these items out when your new cat comes to live with you can lead to destruction and frustration. To avoid problems, put things away that your pet might find attractive.

Put Up a Cat Care Schedule

If you live in an apartment with other people, dividing cat care responsibilities is a good way to ensure that your cat receives proper care. Before bringing your cat home, divide up cat care responsibilities and put up a schedule so that everyone in the apartment is aware of their role with the new cat.

Have Fun With Your New Cat

At The Apartments at Denver Place, our community is pet-friendly and we welcome cats and their owners to our apartments in Denver. To find out more about our available floor plans, contact us today at (866) 995-0446.

iPhone Camera Taking Picture

How to Take Better Photographs on Your Smartphone

iPhone Camera Taking PictureThese days, technology has advanced so much that we are now able to take fantastic photos on our smartphones. The quality is great, the color is great, and there is not much more you could want besides professional looking photos for special occasions or vacations. However, not everyone has the skills to take the best photos on smartphones. If you are interested in taking better photos on your device, then use these tips to ensure that you find the quality you want.

How to Take Better Photographs on Your Smartphone

Keep Your Lens Clean

One of the most common reasons a picture comes out with spots or streaks is because the lens is dirty. The first thing that you should do before you take a picture is clean the lens. You should do your best to keep this clean at all times so your pictures do not have flaws.

Take Some Time to Get to Know Your Camera

Every smartphone is different and so is the camera. If you really want to try to take better pictures with it, you need to take some time to get to know your camera a bit better. Practice taking pictures with it and test out the different modes that are available so you can master your camera.

Find the Right Light

As with any picture, the lighting is very important. You should try to find the right lighting for every picture you take so that the subject is visible and clear.

Use the Rule of Thirds and Try Different Angles

Instead of focusing on only taking pictures with the subject in the middle, you should play around with different angles. Additionally, you do not have to have the subject in the middle. Instead, try the rule of thirds by breaking the pictures into thirds either horizontally or vertically.

If you are looking for a new place to call home that is close to all kinds of exciting spots that are perfect for taking pictures, be sure to check out our apartments in Denver. We have many to choose from and if you would like to take a tour and find out more information, be sure to stop by our office today.

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