Clutter Be Gone! Home Organization Tips

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clutter be gone
Clutter happens to everyone. This simple fact will help you and your friends feel better about removing clutter from your Denver, CO apartments. Whether your "throw-all" drawer has spilled out into your kitchen, or you feel like you need a map to navigate your closet, there are a few tactics that you can use to successfully organize your home. 

Home Organization Starts With Decluttering

Before your home can be reorganized, you need to first remove the clutter. 

  1. Identify all of Your Clutter.  Clutter is an energy stealer. It brings unwanted feelings of stress, anxiety, and chaos into your home. If you want to eliminate clutter from your home, then you need to start with a feeling. Ask yourself, "what emotional impact is my clutter having on me?" Once you answer this question, you'll be able to more easily identify how you can declutter your home in a way that not only removes unnecessary items, but also any associated negativity.
  2. Use the Three-Box Method.  The first box should be labeled, "In." All items that you want to keep should go in this box. The next box should be labeled, "Out." Any items that you don't want or need in your life should go into this box. The final box should be labeled, "I don't know." Any items that you are unsure about should go into this box. Don't forget to reevaluate this box in three to six months. 
  3. Organize.  It sounds simple enough, but if you were organized, then you probably wouldn't feel overwhelmed by clutter. The challenge of proper organization is that many people are tempted to organize in a manner that doesn't meet their goals or match their personal style. With this in mind, you can use baskets, boxes, corkboards, hanging racks, or even a strategically placed entry table to help you organize in a way that makes you smile every day. 

The feeling of relief that you will enjoy once you have removed the clutter from your home will be well worth the time you spent organizing each room. To discover spacious floor plans that are perfect for your personal style and invite reinvention, contact The Apartments at Denver Place's leasing team today.

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