Fall Decorating Ideas to Bring the Outdoors In

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Gold Pine ConeIn our Denver apartments, fall is one of the best seasons. Not only do you have beautiful vistas from your apartment windows, but you can also have beautiful scenery indoors. How so? By incorporating these fall decorating ideas to bring the outdoors in!

Pumpkin Tower Centerpiece

For this pumpkin tower centerpiece, you’ll need three or four of those miniature pumpkins you can find at your local grocery store this time of year. You’ll also need some spray varnish and a handful of wooden skewers. Choose an assortment of mini pumpkins in various colors. Wash and dry thoroughly; then, spray with varnish. Allow to dry overnight. Next, experiment with stacking the pumpkins in ascending order, with the largest one on the bottom. Once you have decided upon your formation, skewer the bottom pumpkin at three points along a circular path around the stem. Snip off the skewer points just enough so that the next pumpkin can rest on them. Repeat this process with the remaining pumpkins. Use as a table centerpiece at your next family function.

Golden Pine Cones

Collect pine cones in a variety of sizes. At home, soak them overnight in boiling water; then, set them out to dry overnight. Once they are completely dried, spray with gold metallic paint. To make the arrangement even more attractive, consider spritzing the pine cones with cinnamon essential oil spray. Arrange in a large wooden bowl along with some fresh whole nuts.

Autumn Spray

For this project, you’ll need some autumn leaves, a window box and some faux vines from the local craft store. You’ll also need some jute string, which you can acquire from a nursery or a craft store. In your apartment home, lay out all your supplies. Wrap the jute string all the way around and up and down the window box until it is fully covered. Secure with a knot. Arrange the faux vines inside the window box. Use a glue gun to affix the colorful autumn leaves to the vines in a natural fashion. Place the finished window box in front of a window or on your kitchen counter.

When you live in such a beautiful place as Denver, it’s easy to find outdoor inspiration to decorate your apartment in the fall. For more information about The Apartments at Denver Place or to view our floor plans in person, please contact us today.

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