3 Ingenious Kitchen Hacks for Your Apartment

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The Apartments at Denver Place Renovated KitchenEven the biggest, most versatile kitchen spaces can benefit from ingenious kitchen hacks that free up more space and make kitchen life more efficient. When you look around your kitchen, it is important to note areas that could be improved to streamline your day-to-day tasks. In most kitchens, areas in need of a little extra support include the spice shelves, cleaning cabinets and pantry. Here’s how you can handle these three areas in your apartment in Denver.

Spice Magnets

With just a glue gun and a few supplies, you can transform ordinary jars into spice magnets. To create these fun and accessible containers, simply apply a strong magnet to the bottom of a small jar using hot glue. Allow to cool, and then fill with your favorite herbs and spices and screw the cap on. Use a permanent marker to write the names of the herbs and spices on each container before sticking to the side of your fridge.

Tension Rod Across the Cabinet in Your Denver Apartment

Cluttered cleaning cabinets make it impossible to see what is going on under there. You may lose cleaning products or simply forget things exist. You can keep your cleaners front and center by installing a tension curtain rod across the cabinet. With the rod firmly in place, you can place cleaner products across the bar using the triggers to hold them steady. Whenever you need to clean something in your Denver apartment, you can quickly grab a cleaning product from where it is hung.

Rollout Pantry

A rollout pantry is an easy way to take full advantage of the space beside your fridge. You can find a thin shelf that will fit between your fridge and the wall at a thrift store or online, and then transform it using ordinary wheels. Consider painting the rollout pantry colors that complement or contrast your interior design to perfect your new kitchen element.

When you take the time to organize your apartment home with ingenious kitchen hacks, you give yourself the gift of a well-organized living space. If you want to learn about upgrading your living space at our apartments in Denver, contact our office by calling (866) 995-0446.

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