DIY Art Projects to Add to Your Apartment Decor

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Decorating your Denver apartment is an important process to make it truly feel like home. Want to freshen up your apartment with some DIY art? Check out the projects below. 

Wire trash bin planter

Do you have a wire trash bin that you no longer use or did you find a great deal on one at a garage sale? Simply flip the waste bin over and give it a coat or two of your favorite paint and let dry. Next, purchase a piece of round pine at your local hardware store, and attach it with a few screws that are large enough to secure the wire to the wood. Leave the wood natural, or paint it, and top with your favorite indoor plant. 

Crate bookshelves

For a unique bookshelf or shelving unit to display your knickknacks, all you need to do is find three to six milk crates, depending on how tall or wide you want it. Paint them the desired color and stack them on top or next to each other, screwing each crate together to form one solid piece. Then place against the wall and fill with your favorite books and collectibles.

Floating board shelves

These make the perfect shelves for apartments, as they leave your wall free of damage. Simply paint a board about 3 to 4 inches wide and up to 12 inches long. Next, drill a hole in each end. Knot a piece of rope and pull through the hole, tying it to a ring at the other end. Use a command hook to hang the ring and place your favorite decor on it. 

Try one or more of the DIY projects above to make your apartment in Denver, Colorado, truly stand out as your own. Looking for a new place to put your personal stamp on? Stop into The Apartments at Denver Place office to see our floor plan options or give us a call!

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