The Best Space Saving Tips for Your Apartment

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If you’re ever one of the millions of Americans who just need more storage, here are some easy tricks that can get you there!

Raise the bed

It’s the oldest and best trick in the book. Get the bed a little higher off the ground, and you suddenly have a huge storage space that is perfect for things you don’t need every day but definitely want at hand. Seasonal decorations or clothes, exercise equipment, and a fireproof safe all go great down there. The best part is that you wouldn't need a new bed frame! Bed risers are a cheap, durable and perfect option for freeing up some space.


Use those little spaces

Small spaces exist everywhere in your apartment, and there are organizers designed specifically for them. Is there a gap between your washer and dryer? You can fill it with a mobile rack that holds detergent and dryer sheets. The gap between your fridge and the counter can also easily hold a vertical organizer for your dry storage. Little hacks like this can definitely help make your apartment feel like a mansion!


Put furniture to work

If you’ve ever browsed an Ikea, you know there’s plenty of furniture that doubles as storage space. You don’t have to stick to a particular brand; this stuff is everywhere. The key is to use it. A coffee table that can also hold books and games is invaluable. A couch that includes a compartment for linens and pillows is golden. If you’re living in an apartment, your furnishings should have goals!

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