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Make Cleaning Day a Breeze With These 3 Tips

Keeping your Denver apartment clean is a necessity, though not always the way you wish to spend your afternoon. The good news is that the task doesn't need to be daunting or consist of an all-day affair. With a few simple tips, you can make your cleaning day easier and significantly shorter. Use Vinegar to Remove Tough Buildup…

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Four Vintage Storage Solutions for Fashionable Spaces

Vintage is always in style, even in the sleekest, most modern homes, such as the apartments at Denver Place. With amenities aplenty, life at Denver Place is a designer's dream. And though there's plenty of built-in storage available already, bringing in a few, functional vintage pieces like these add charm and character.  The vintage suitcase Apparently, travelers owned a lot of clothes…

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Ingredients That Do Double-Duty

Plenty of the things found in the kitchens of our Denver, Colorado, apartments also serve additional purposes — some of which may surprise you! With this in mind, let's take a look at some common kitchen ingredients that do double duty. Uncooked Spaghetti  Do you know how those tiny plastic toothpicks that keep the cheese on your pizza from…

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